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1F26 GW Fareham (15:32) Cardiff Central (18:41) Arr Filton Abbey Wood ½L @ 18:02 Approaching @ Filton Sig Bl2052 Dep Filton Abbey Wood (2) @ 18:03½ (18:03). D9/1570
1L82 GW Swansea (16:22) Paddington London (20:21) Dep Bristol Parkway ½E @ 18:03 Dep (D) P3 to DF @ Bristol Parkway Pass Filton Abbey Wood (1) @ 18:06. D9/1553
2E46 GW Bristol Temple Meads (17:38) Worcester Foregate Street (19:22) Dep Charfield 1½E @ 18:03 Dep (U) UC to UC @ Charfield Arr Cam & Dursley (1) @ 18:10 (18:10). Dep 18:11 (18:11). D9/2012
5Z74 New Yard Freight Depot (16:25) Stoke Gifford IET Depot (18:21) Arr Bristol Parkway 13E @ 17:56 Arr (U) UB to P4 @ Bristol Parkway Dep Bristol Parkway (4) @ 18:16. D9/1488

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