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Location Description CRS NLC TIPLoc Stanox
Dollands Moor Sidings XLM 502703 DOLMORS 89735
Dawlish DWL 340800 DAWLISH 83605
Cardiff Central CDF 389900 CRDFCEN 77301
Heathrow Airport Junction 318620 HTRWAJN 73775
Hinksey North 311576 HINKN 74444
Maidenhead MAI 314700 MDNHEAD 74005
Taplow TAP 315100 TAPLOW 74001
Royal Oak Junction 309504 ROYAOJN 73108
St Pinnock Viaduct East 350159 STPNCVE 84435
Reading High Level Junction 314230 RDNGHLJ 74270

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