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TIPLoc: DVNTYSJ, Stanox: 70077

Train TOC Origin Destination Action WTT Public Actual Var Plt (S) Plt (A) Lin (S) Lin (A) Pth (S) Pth (A) Latest Latest TD Report
6R95   Willesden Euroterminal GB Railfreight (03:34) Rugby New Bilton Jarvis (06:04) Depart     05:22½ N/A       Dep Rugby 3½E @ 05:53 Approaching @ Rugby Trent Valley Junction
2Y01 LM Northampton (05:15) Birmingham New Street (06:15) Depart     05:31½ N/A       Arr Hampton-In-Arden 1½L @ 06:03 Arr (D) P2 @ Hampton-In-Arden
2U19 LM Northampton (05:20) Crewe (06:54) Depart     05:37½ N/A       Arr Atherstone 1½L @ 06:02 Arr (D) @ Atherstone
1W02 LM Coventry (05:39) Euston (07:10) Depart     05:56½ N/A       Dep Long Buckby 1E @ 06:01 Dep (U) @ Long Buckby
2Y03 LM Northampton (05:42) Birmingham New Street (06:45) Depart     05:58 N/A       Arr Rugby ½E @ 06:03 Arr (D) P1 from 1 @ Rugby
4M75   Tilbury International Rail Freight Terminal Freigh (02:44) Daventry DRS (DIRFT2) (06:45) Pass 06:40             Dep Northampton 9E @ 05:25 Dep (D) P2 from G @ Northampton

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