TrackIT! - 4L52 (ZZ Crewe Basford Hall Sorting Sidings - Thames Haven Freightliner)

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Trust train ID: 364L52C522.
Freight Freightliner (contracts) service from Crewe Basford Hall Sorting Sidings to Thames Haven Freightliner.
Timed as a diesel locomotive with 1600 tonnes trailing load at a maximum speed of 75 mph.
Overlayed schedule H06778 runs Saturdays effective on 22/06/2024 only. A dynamic link to the current day's instance of this train is here: Today's H06778.
Activated automatically at 22/06/2024 00:14:10.

Location Action WTT Public Actual Var Plt (S) Plt (A) Lin (S) Lin (A) Pth (S) Pth (A) Action
Saturday 22 June 2024
Crewe Basford Hall Sorting Sidings Depart 05:20   05:08 12E       New Origin (FL)
Garston Freightliner Terminal Depart 03:14             Skipped
Garston Church Road Arrive 03:17             Skipped
Depart 03:42            
Garston Junction Pass 03:44½             Skipped
Garston Goods Lines Pass 03:47       UGG       Skipped
Speke West Jn Pass 03:47½             Skipped
Speke Junction Pass 03:48         SL     Skipped
Ditton Pass 03:58             Skipped
Runcorn Pass 04:03       1       Skipped
Halton Junction Pass 04:04½             Skipped
Weaver Junction Pass 04:12         FL     Skipped
Acton Bridge Pass 04:14             Skipped
Hartford Junction Pass 04:16             Skipped
Winsford Pass 04:21½         SL     Skipped
Crewe Coal Yard Pass 04:32½         IL     Skipped
Crewe Salop Goods Junction Pass 04:37½             Skipped
Crewe Signal Nh10/12 Pass 04:40½       USI       Skipped
Crewe Sorting Sidings North Pass 04:41             Skipped
Crewe Sorting Sdgs South Pass 05:25       TS   UTS      
Crewe Basford Hall Junction Pass 05:27   05:12 15E   SL S 1 Dep (U) from S
Madeley (Staffs) Pass 05:40   05:25 15E   SL S SL 1 Dep (U) from S
Norton Bridge Depart     05:37½ N/A       Dep (U) from S
Little Bridgeford Junction Pass 05:52   05:38 14E     2 Dep (U)
Stafford Pass 05:57   05:42 15E 4 4 SL T SL 5 Arr (U) P4 from 4
Stafford Trent Valley Junction Pass 05:58   05:42 16E   T 5 Dep (U) from T
Whitehouse Junction Pass 06:02   06:03 1L   FL   1 Dep (U)
Colwich Pass 06:06   06:08 2L   SL S FL 3 Dep (U) from S
Rugeley North Junction Pass 06:10   06:12 2L   SL S SL 2 Dep (U) from S
Rugeley Trent Valley Pass     06:12 N/A       Dep (U) P3 from S
Lichfield Curborough Junction Depart     06:18½ N/A       Dep (U) from S
Lichfield North Junction Low Level Pass 06:17½   06:19 1½L   SL S SL 2 Dep (U) from S
Lichfield Trent Valley Low Level Pass     06:19 N/A       Dep (U) P2 from S
Tamworth Low Level Pass     06:25 N/A       Dep (U) P2 from S
Amington Junction Pass 06:25½   06:26 ½L   SL S SL 2 Dep (U) from S
Atherstone Pass     06:32 N/A       Dep (U) P2 from S
Nuneaton Ashby Junction Depart     06:39½ N/A       Dep (U) from S
Nuneaton Pass 06:38½   06:41 2½L 5 5 SL S SL 3 Dep (U) P5 from S
Attleborough North Junction Depart     06:43 N/A       Dep (U) from S
Brinklow Depart     06:52½ N/A       Dep (U) from S
Rugby High Oaks Junction Depart     06:55½ N/A       Dep (U) from S
Rugby Newbold Junction Depart     06:56½ N/A       Dep (U) from S
Rugby Trent Valley Junction Pass 06:55   07:01 6L   SL G SL 3 Dep (U) from G
Rugby Pass 06:58½   08:23 84½L 6 6 UNL N SL 4 Dep (U) P6 from N
Hillmorton Junction Pass 07:00½   08:26 85½L   N 2 Dep (U) from N
Daventry North Junction Pass 07:04   08:30 86L     2 Dep (U)
Daventry South Junction Depart     08:31½ N/A       Dep (U)
Long Buckby Pass 07:10½   08:36 85½L 1   2 Dep (U) P1
Northampton Mill Lane Junction Depart     08:45½ N/A       Dep (U) from F
Northampton Pass 07:24   08:48 84L UML M M 2 Dep (U) from M to M
Courteenhall Jn Depart     08:55½ N/A       Dep (U) from U
Courteenhall Jn Depart     08:55½ N/A       Dep (U) from U
Hanslope Junction Pass 07:39½   09:03 83½L N SL S 2 Dep (U) from S to N
Wolverton Pass     09:06½ N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Milton Keynes Central Pass 07:45½   09:09 83½L 1 1 SL S SL 2 Dep (U) P1 from S
Denbigh Hall South Junction Pass 07:47½   09:11 83½L     3 Dep (U)
Bletchley Pass 07:49   09:12 83L 4 4 SL S SL 2 Dep (D) P4 from S
Bletchley South Junction Arrive     09:15½ N/A       Arr (U)
Leighton Buzzard Pass     09:17½ N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Ledburn Junction Pass 07:58½   09:20 81½L S SL S SL 2 Dep (U) from S to S
Cheddington Pass     09:24 N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Tring Pass 08:06   09:30 84L 5 5 SL S SL 2 Dep (U) P5 from S
Berkhamsted Pass     09:34 N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Bourne End Junction Pass 08:12   09:36 84L   SL S SL 2 Dep (U) from S
Hemel Hempstead Pass     09:38½ N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Apsley Pass     09:42 N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Kings Langley Pass     09:45½ N/A       Dep (U) P4 from S
Watford Junction Pass 08:19   09:54 95L 9 9 SL S SL 1 Dep (U) P9 from S
Bushey Pass     09:58½ N/A       Dep (U) P6 from S
Harrow + Wealdstone Pass 08:27½   10:04 96½L 6 6 SL S SL 1 Dep (U) P6 from S
Wembley Central Pass 08:32½   10:10 97½L 6 6 R 2 Dep (U) P6 from R
Willesden Signal WN41 Depart     10:14 N/A       Dep (D) from R to W
Wembley Reception Sidings 1-7 Arrive 08:37½       3        
Depart 09:11            
Willesden Brent South Junction Pass 09:16         HLG      
Willesden Railnet Reception/High Level Sidings Pass 09:19½       HLG       Approaching
Harlesden Junction Pass 09:22   10:20 58L   C 4 Dep (U) from C
Kensal Green Junction Arrive 09:27½             Dep (U)
Depart 09:31½   10:32 60½L     2
Kensal Rise Arrive     10:34 N/A       Dep (U) P2
Depart     10:34 N/A      
Brondesbury Park Arrive     10:36 N/A       Dep (U) P2
Depart     10:36 N/A      
Brondesbury Arrive     10:38 N/A       Dep (U) P2
Depart     10:38 N/A      
West Hampstead Pass 09:40   10:40 60L 2 2   2 Dep (U) P2
Finchley Road + Frognal Pass     10:42 N/A       Dep (U) P2
Hampstead Heath Arrive     10:44 N/A       Dep (U) P2
Depart     10:44 N/A      
Gospel Oak Pass 09:46   10:46 60L   T 2 Dep (D) from T
Junction Road Junction Pass 09:48½              
Upper Holloway Pass 09:50½   10:50 59½L 2 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Crouch Hill Arrive     10:52 N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
Depart     10:52 N/A      
Harringay Park Junction Pass 09:54   10:53 59L     2 Dep (D)
Harringay Green Lanes Pass     10:54½ N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
Harringay Green Lanes Pass     10:54½ N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
South Tottenham Pass 09:59½   10:58 58½L 2 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Blackhorse Road Pass     11:01 N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
Walthamstow Queens Road Arrive     11:03 N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
Depart     11:04½ N/A      
Wanstead Park Pass     11:16 N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
Leytonstone High Road Depart     11:14½ N/A       Dep (D) P2 from D
Leyton Midland Road Pass 10:08       2       Approaching
Woodgrange Park Pass 10:13½   11:17 63½L 2 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Barking Station Junction Pass 10:16   11:20 64L   D 2 Dep (D) from D
Barking Pass 10:19   11:20 61L 7 7 ML T 6 Dep (D) P7 from T
Ripple Lane West Junction Pass 10:20½              
Dagenham Dock Pass 10:23   11:24 61L 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Rainham (Essex) Pass 10:26½   11:27 60½L 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Purfleet Pass 10:32   11:33 61L 2 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
West Thurrock Junction Pass 10:36   11:37 61L   D 2 Dep (D) from D
Grays Pass 10:37   11:38 61L 2 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Tilbury Town Pass 10:40½   11:41 60½L 2 D 2 Dep (D) P2 from D
Tilbury West Junction Depart     11:43 N/A       Dep (D)
East Tilbury Arrive     11:48 N/A        
Depart     11:48 N/A      
Thames Haven Junction Pass 10:50½   11:51 60½L   T 3 Dep (D) from T
Thames Haven Signal LG11 Arrive 10:57              
Depart 10:59            
Thames Haven London Gateway Port Arrival Arrive 11:02              
Depart 11:04            
Thames Haven Freightliner Arrive 11:07   12:08 61L     0  

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