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Trust train ID: 366E34C715.
Freight coal (electricity) service from Liverpool Biomass Terminal GB Railfreight to Drax AES GB Railfreight.
Timed as a diesel locomotive with 2400 tonnes trailing load at a maximum speed of 60 mph.
Overlayed schedule H33308 runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays effective from 14/05/2024 to 16/05/2024. A dynamic link to the current day's instance of this train is here: Today's H33308.
Activated manually at 15/05/2024 14:05:58.
Cancelled at Liverpool Biomass Terminal GB Railfreight (15/05/2024 22:20:00) on customer's request.

Location Action WTT Public Actual Var Plt (S) Plt (A) Lin (S) Lin (A) Pth (S) Pth (A) Action
Thursday 16 May 2024
Northwich Pass 00:01              
Plumley West Signal Box Pass 00:06½              
Mobberley Pass 00:16½              
Hale Pass 00:20½              
Altrincham Pass 00:23              
Navigation Road Pass 00:24½              
Deansgate Junction Pass 00:25½              
Northenden Junction Pass 00:35              
Northenden Sharston Junction Pass 00:35½              
Stockport Cheadle Village Junction Pass 00:42              
Stockport Edgeley Junction No 2 Pass 00:48½         FL      
Stockport Arrive 00:50       3        
Depart 00:52            
Heaton Norris Junction Pass 00:56              
Ash Bridge Junction Pass 00:58              
Denton Station Junction Pass 01:03½              
Denton Junction Pass 01:05½              
Ashton Moss North Junction Pass 01:15              
Baguley Fold Junction Pass 01:20              
Philips Park West (No 1) Junction Pass 01:21              
Brewery Junction Pass 01:24         ML      
Thorpes Bridge Junction Pass 01:26              
Vitriol Works Pass 01:33              
Castleton East Junction Pass 01:42              
Rochdale Pass 01:46       1        
Rochdale East Junction Pass 01:46½              
Littleborough Pass 01:51½       2        
Todmorden Pass 01:59½       2        
Hall Royd Junction Pass 02:01              
Hebden Bridge Pass 02:05½       2        
Milner Royd Junction Pass 02:11              
Greetland Junction Pass 02:13              
Bradley Wood Junction Pass 02:19              
Heaton Lodge East Junction Pass 02:21              
Mirfield East Junction Pass 02:23              
Thornhill LNW Junction Pass 02:24              
Horbury Junction Pass 02:34½         SL      
Wakefield Kirkgate Arrive 02:45½       3        
Depart 02:47½            
Calder Bridge Junction Pass 02:49½              
Crofton West Junction Pass 02:53½              
Crofton East Junction Pass 02:55½              
Pontefract Monkhill Pass 03:11       2        
Knottingley West Junction Pass 03:17         ML      
Knottingley East Junction Pass 03:18½              
Sudforth Lane Signal Box Pass 03:24½              
Sudforth Lane Down GB Railfreight Arrive 03:26½              
Depart 03:40            
Whitley Bridge Pass 03:46½              
Hensall Pass 03:49½              
Drax Branch Junction Pass 03:51½              
Drax Power Station Signal D17 Pass 03:58              
Drax AES GB Railfreight Arrive 04:00              
Wednesday 15 May 2024
Liverpool Biomass Terminal GB Railfreight Depart 21:59              
Strand Road Level Crossing Arrive 22:09              
Depart 22:11            
Bootle Junction Pass 22:19              
Edge Lane Junction Arrive 22:35              
Depart 22:37            
Bootle Branch Junction Pass 22:40              
Tuebrook Sidings GB Railfreight Arrive 22:43              
Depart 23:00            
Bootle Branch Junction Pass 23:01½              
Olive Mount Junction Pass 23:04              
Roby Pass 23:08½         SL      
Huyton Pass 23:09½              
Rainhill Pass 23:15½              
St Helens Junction Pass 23:19       1        
Earlestown Pass 23:24½       3        
Winwick Junction Pass 23:29         FL      
Dallam Junction Pass 23:32½              
Warrington Bank Quay Pass 23:33½       2        
Acton Grange Junction Pass 23:36              
Weaver Junction Pass 23:43½              
Acton Bridge Pass 23:47½         SL      
Hartford Junction Pass 23:50½              
Hartford CLC Junction Pass 23:53              
Greenbank Pass 23:55½              

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