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Trust train ID: 09699PCS14.
Freight service from Hardendale Quarry to Margam Terminal Complex.
Timed as a diesel locomotive with 600 tonnes trailing load at a maximum speed of 60 mph.
Overlayed schedule H21257 runs Fridays effective on 14/01/2022 only. A dynamic link to the current day's instance of this train is here: Today's H21257.
Activated automatically at 14/01/2022 16:32:04.
Cancelled at Hardendale Quarry (14/01/2022 20:51:00) on customer's request.

Location Action WTT Public Actual Var Plt (S) Plt (A) Lin (S) Lin (A) Pth (S) Pth (A) Action
Friday 14 January 2022
Hardendale Quarry Depart 18:32              
Shap Hardendale Quarry Junction Arrive 18:35              
Depart 18:38            
Tebay Pass 18:48              
Grayrigg Arrive 18:57½              
Depart 19:31            
Oxenholme Lake District Pass 19:39       1        
Carnforth North Junction Pass 19:54         UPL      
Carnforth South Junction Arrive 19:56              
Depart 20:03½            
Morecambe South Junction Pass 20:08              
Lancaster Pass 20:10       UFL        
Garstang + Catteral Pass 20:22½              
Preston Fylde Junction Pass 20:31         GL      
Preston Arrive 20:35       UGL   GL   GL    
Depart 20:39½            
Preston Ribble Junction Pass 20:41½              
Preston Skew Bridge Pass 20:44         SL      
Farington Curve Junction Pass 20:46              
Euxton Junction Pass 20:54½              
Balshaw Lane Pass 21:08½         FL      
Wigan North Western Pass 21:17½       4        
Wigan South Junction Pass 21:18              
Springs Branch Junction Pass 21:19              
Golborne Junction Pass 21:23½              
Winwick Junction Pass 21:28         SL      
Dallam Junction Pass 21:31½              
Warrington Bank Quay Arrive 21:36½       UG   OL      
Depart 21:38½            
Warrington Walton Old Junction Pass 21:43½              
Acton Grange Junction Pass 21:47         FL      
Weaver Junction Pass 21:53½              
Acton Bridge Pass 21:55½              
Hartford Junction Pass 21:57½              
Winsford Pass 22:04         SL      
Crewe Coal Yard Pass 22:18         IL      
Crewe Salop Goods Junction Pass 22:24              
Crewe Gresty Lane Arrive 22:28½              
Depart 22:30½            
Nantwich Pass 22:37              
Wrenbury Pass 22:45              
Prees Pass 22:58              
Wem Pass 23:02              
Harlescott Crossing Pass 23:12              
Shrewsbury Arrive 23:30       7        
Depart 23:32            
Shrewsbury English Bridge Junction Pass 23:34½              
Shrewsbury Sutton Bridge Junction Pass 23:36½              
Dorrington Pass 23:43½              
Marsh Brook Level Crossing Pass 23:54              
Craven Arms Pass 23:59       2        
Saturday 15 January 2022
Bromfield Pass 00:04½              
Woofferton Pass 00:11½              
Leominster Pass 00:18              
Moreton-On-Lugg Pass 00:26½              
Shelwick Junction Pass 00:31              
Hereford Arrive 00:34       DRL        
Depart 00:43            
Tram Inn Pass 00:51½              
Pontrilas Pass 00:57½              
Abergavenny Pass 01:09½       2        
Little Mill Junction Pass 01:17½              
Maindee North Junction Pass 01:33              
Maindee West Junction Pass 01:43         RL      
Newport (South Wales) Arrive 01:46       1        
Depart 01:48½            
Ebbw Junction Pass 01:52½              
Marshfield Pass 02:00              
Long Dyke Junction Pass 02:09         D      
Cardiff Central Pass 02:10       DML        
Leckwith North Junction Pass 02:13              
Pontyclun Pass 02:26              
Bridgend Pass 02:37       1        
Stormy Pass 02:43              
Margam Moors Junction Pass 02:51              
Margam Terminal Complex Arrive 02:56              

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