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Service from Wentloog (Freightliners) to Freightliners (Maritime Terml).
Timed as a diesel locomotive with 1475 tonnes trailing load at a maximum speed of 75 mph.
Runs to yards/terminals as required.
Permanent schedule H64806 runs weekdays effective from 17/05/2021 to 10/12/2021. A dynamic link to the current day's instance of this train is here: Today's H64806.

Location Action WTT Public Actual Var Plt (S) Plt (A) Lin (S) Lin (A) Pth (S) Pth (A) Action
Friday 11 June 2021
Wentloog (Freightliners) Depart 09:41         RL      
Marshfield Pass 09:45              
Ebbw Jn Pass 09:49½         ML      
Newport (South Wales) Pass 09:53       3        
Maindee West Jn Pass 09:54½              
Maindee East Jn Pass 09:56½         RL      
Llanwern West Jn Pass 10:02              
Severn Tunnel Junction Pass 10:17½       4        
Severn Tunnel West Pass 10:18½              
Severn Tunnel East Pass 10:23              
Pilning Pass 10:25       1        
Patchway Pass 10:33½       1        
Bristol Parkway Pass 10:36       3        
Westerleigh Jn Pass 10:41½              
Hullavington Pass 10:57              
Wootton Bassett Jn Pass 11:07              
Swindon Pass 11:14½       UML   UML      
Swindon Stratton Green Arrive 11:19½              
Depart 11:29½            
Uffington Pass 11:42              
Challow Pass 11:44½         RL      
Wantage Road Arrive 11:49½              
Depart 12:11½            
Milton Junction Pass 12:20         RL      
Foxhall Jn Pass 12:23½              
Didcot Parkway Pass 12:27       4   RL      
Didcot East Jn Pass 12:28½         RL      
Goring & Streatley Pass 12:36½         RL      
Reading West Junction Pass 12:49              
Oxford Road Jn Arrive 12:52              
Depart 12:58            
Southcote Jn Pass 13:00½              
Bramley (Hants) Pass 13:11              
Basingstoke Pass 13:20       2   FL      
Worting Junction Pass 13:26              
Wallers Ash Loop Pass 13:37½              
Winchester Pass 13:42½       2        
Shawford Jn Pass 13:44½         SL      
Eastleigh Arrive 13:51       2        
Depart 13:54            
St Denys Pass 14:00½         FL      
Northam Junction Pass 14:02½              
Southampton Central Pass 14:05½       4   FL      
Church Lane Junction Pass 14:07½         BKR      
Maritime East Junction Pass 14:08½              
Freightliners (Maritime Terml) Arrive 14:15              

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